Christof Plothe D.O.


Christof Plothe completed two years of pre-clinical training at the medical faculty in Mainz/Germany and then studied Osteopathy at the University of Wales in Kent/England. As a self-employed Osteopath he worked for many years in Ireland, the USA and Spain.


He is the author and co-author of several books, author of studies, articles, national and international congresses and a regular online speaker. His major medical topics have been featured on television, radio and in films.


He is a steering commitee member of Worldcouncilforhealth, a global coalition of health-oriented organisations and civil society groups to inform about health and human rights. He has tried to integrate naturopathy, environmental medicine, holistic dentistry and conventional medicine through books and lectures.


To integrate all these approaches into osteopathy, he founded Biophysical Osteopathy.


He is co-founder and CEO of Millivital GmbH, which aims to develop new concepts for natural food supplements based on Food Synergy and Micro-Fermentation.  He has also been researching the topic of nutrition for 30 years and, together with Ingo Lienemann, has developed an online nutrition course (Vital-Life-Food) to introduce people to a balanced and delicious concept based on the latest scientific findings. He is the founder of the Vital-Life-Summits, with international experts who provide sustainable ideas to improve soil, nutrition and environment for humanity and all living beings on our planet.


His main goal is to bring humans back into cooperation with their environment to create a sustainable recovery of us humans and our planet.