Christof Plothe D.O.


Christof Plothe D.O. is a naturopath and osteopath who has made significant contributions to the field of healthcare. He completed two years of pre-clinical training at the medical faculty in Mainz, Germany, and then studied Osteopathy at the University of Wales in Kent, England    . He has worked in various countries including Ireland, the United States, and Spain, and is currently practicing as a naturopath in Germany .


Christof Plothe is an independent researcher and has authored and co-authored numerous studies, books, and articles . He is a regular speaker at national and international congresses, and his primary medical topics have been featured on television, radio, and films   . He is also a steering committee member of the World Council for Health, a global coalition of health-oriented organizations and civil society groups that aims to inform about health and human rights .


In addition to his work in osteopathy, Christof Plothe has a keen interest in nutrition and has been researching this topic for over 30 years . He is the co-founder and CEO of Millivital GmbH, a company that aims to develop new concepts for natural food supplements based on Food Synergy and Micro-Fermentation . He has also developed an online nutrition course called Vital-Life-Food, which introduces people to a balanced and delicious concept based on the latest scientific findings .



Furthermore, Christof Plothe is the founder of the Vital-Life-Summits, which bring together international experts to provide sustainable ideas to improve soil, nutrition, and the environment for humanity and all living beings on our planet .


His main goal is to bring humans back into cooperation with their environment to create a sustainable recovery for both humans and the planet.